It’s Okay Not to be Okay


Mental health, wow, if ever there was a topic to be more discussed! In the wake of the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interview, coronavirus taking us by surprise and storm, homeschooling, lower wages, loss of jobs, gyms, restaurants and cafes beings shut as well as the continuous unfortunate stories which we will not be discussing in detail in this article, this topic can no longer be ignored. Just because it seems invisible and unmeasurable to some, it is most definitely more real and serious than we have ever wanted to believe. There seems to be a negative undertone and connotation when it comes to someone deciding to seek ‘help.’ To be honest, it is not a cry for help but simply a vital part of human existence. The only goal of our brain is to survive, run away from pain and move towards pleasure, hence why it has been tough on all of us. Ultimately it all comes down to our human biology and nature. Yes, we can use our prefrontal cortex part of the brain, however, the primal instinct is to go against the unknown, the new and the uncomfortable.

What does mental health mean to me?

It is everything. Life stems from our understanding of the function of our brain, whether we like that or not. Give yourself the permission to not resist, run away or mask the discomfort you have felt the past year. The secret is to fully surrender to the negative feelings you are having. The reason for that is simply because life is 50 50, 50% positive and 50% negative. Once we begin to understand that, we start having the capacity for accepting ourselves for the human-beings that we are. Have the compassion for yourself to understand that it is okay to be going through whatever it is that you are experiencing at this moment in time. That does not however mean you should be dealing with it all alone. The same brain that created the problem cannot necessarily undo the problem until we learn the necessary skills on how to accomplish that. Once we understand that it is not our circumstances that create our results but it is our thoughts about the situation, our feelings and actions significantly change. The study of psychology is at the core of my heart. I have myself experienced so much unknown not only this year with the passing of my father but also over the years. I know that with the right understanding of how to be our own hero, we can utilise these skills to help ourselves and know that the solutions lie in the understanding that we are never alone and we are all united on this planet, even though it may not seem at times.

Life never gives up on us and we are stronger than we can at times see but do not forget, weakness is a sensation and not the end. We only begin to understand our capabilities once we access our lowest moments. I know it does not feel right but it is not supposed to. This is not how we want to learn our lessons but I assure you that you will always find the way. No matter how bad it gets, you are as whole as you are and never broken. Give yourself the permission to say ‘I love me’ and this too shall pass.

Thank you.

Natalia Irodova

The Coach Club


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